Packaging Manufacturer

The area of tension: high volume of individual orders, a wide variety of customer processes, high price and quality pressure, high service standards. Or to put it another way: How can so many loose ends be successfully merged into one large strand, the internal production process?

An internationally operating manufacturer of packaging solutions found itself in this challenging situation: wanting to produce high quality at low cost for its major customers and being able to respond even more strongly to the growing individual requirements of its customers in terms of customer service.

A perfect match for our solutions: a central system in which a wide variety of customer requirements can easily be mapped with regard to coordination, approval, documentation, etc. of packaging production. Each customer receives “his” system, all information is collected in a structured and transparent way in a central system, which significantly reduces the administrative workload of the packaging manufacturer.

With Loom, we finally have the opportunity to pick up our customers in their process world and integrate the most diverse requirements smartly into one system, without our administrative staff having to spend any extra time and effort.

Implementation Details

• Transfer of all relevant order data via an interface to the ERP system

• Automatic synchronization of CAD data to the respective order

• Integration of individual customer processes for approval management

• Automatic sending of customer/order information based on e-mail templates

• Integration of all involved production partners for the exchange of data and process information

• Complete cost transparency through integration of the accounting unit

  • Solution Summary

    • Integration of customer processes into own manufacturing processes
    • Customers receive all information relevant to them much faster
    • Individual representation for each customer’s processes for coordination and approvals, thus significantly increasing customer satisfaction
    • No manual input of order information in
      e-mails necessary anymore
    • Time-consuming coordination and enquiries between internal departments are a thing of the past
    • User support: reminder when deadlines are exceeded, budget limits reached, etc.