Together for an Excellent Solution

Discover the Potential

Our solutions lead to significant improvements in daily processes and noticeable simplifications for all persons involved. The concrete benefit plays the decisive role.

This benefit is influenced by direct and indirect factors. Some effects are immediately measurable, others unfold their full effect only in the interaction of numerous factors.

The challenges in packaging are so diverse and different that generally valid statements can only be made roughly in advance.

For a first impression of the effects of our solutions, you will find an online calculator here. You can use the sliders to simulate different scenarios. We can obtain concrete figures for your project during the joint development and implementation of your solution.

Our Way to Your Solution

Does that sound familiar to you? The use of software in companies increases the complexity for the people who work with this software. Why? Because it is usually assumed that there are standardized circumstances that are rarely present in the real world.

We take a different approach. Our Open Collaboration Solutions are always a combination of consulting and our software product Loom. Every requirement is different. Accordingly, cooperation does not begin with a standardized software demonstration, but with getting to know your individual situation.

Typically, a mutual project is divided into three sections:


In a collaborative workshop, we work with your experts to determine your requirements and find the points that will benefit you most.


On the basis of the findings from the requirements analysis, we work out your individual solution scenario, for which you may decide, but not have to.


After detailed planning, your solution will be implemented efficiently. And even after the handover, we remain at your side.

Please feel free to contact us and let us find out how we can work together to find an excellent solution for you.