Display Manufacturer

In addition to the challenges caused by different printing and manufacturing processes for the individual components, the production of POS displays also involves a large number of complex planning, coordination and control tasks.

This example shows our implementation of a central solution for a display manufacturer with several production sites, which previously allowed time-consuming manual activities to be transferred into automated and resource-saving processes.

Since we have been using Loom, the platform has quickly become an important part of our daily work and makes the whole process even more secure. The speedy and uncomplicated implementation of further adjustments makes life much easier for us.

Not only do we save time, but the quality of collaboration with our customers and other stakeholders has also improved.

Implementation Details

• Integration of templates for creating display components: The solution automatically creates all content, including associated PDF documents with CAD data that previously had to be entered manually, and makes it available to all parties involved.

• Wizard for the simple relaunch of displays: Selection of desired elements by mouse click with automatic versioning

• Reporting module: Creation of several report templates, possibility of creating any number of individual report templates by the customer

• Module for price adjustments: automated system-wide updating of prices for production and packaging

• Exact mapping and automation of established operational processes

• Definition of user roles and user groups, thus precise control of visibility and editing rights within the processes

• Unification of communication via the solution: identical content structure of e-mail notifications

  • Solution Summary

    • The display portal controls the essential processes in the development, coordination and approval of POS displays with all associated components.
    • All persons involved at the display manufacturer, its customer and logistics partners work in the central solution and have permanent access to all relevant information.
    • The solution generates the data used for production planning for several locations of the display manufacturer.
    • After reaching the end of life (EOL) of the displays, all data is archived in structured way in the solution and is available e.g. for research or relaunch projects.