Process Digitalization for the Packaging Sector

prokono Solutions – we are developing tailor-made software solutions for the specific requirements of the packaging sector and implementing them together with our customers. Our specialization in the packaging sector and the technologies used allow our solutions to be implemented in a short time and with maximum benefit for our customers.

New Ways for New Challenges

Brand owners and the companies that develop and produce packaging for them face a multitude of challenges today. Products must be adapted to a wide variety of markets, and an ever-increasing number of different product versions must reach the shelves of retailers quickly.

Increasingly, even small quantities have to be produced efficiently and cost-effectively for brand owners. For all companies involved, these basic requirements lead to a multitude of additional challenges in communication, order management, printing and overall logistics.

Conventional structures and analogue processes are increasingly reaching their limitations. The classic production process via Excel, Word, email and telephone in combination with complex software systems is only scalable to a very limited extent, unclear and error-prone. New ways are needed to successfully meet the challenges.


We will accompany you on these new ways.

More Overview

All relevant information available from anywhere at any time. No more time-consuming searches, no more forgotten deadlines, no more sleepless nights.

More Time

Relief from time-consuming routine activities. Work without email ping pong. More time and full focus on the specialist tasks.

More Less

Less stress. Fewer mistakes. Fewer misunderstandings. Less complicated software. Welcome here!

Simply Working Better Together

At its core, it is always about collaboration. Above all, it means making the right information available to the responsible parties at the decisive points, eliminating time-consuming routine tasks, and simplifying approvals and decisions. We are delivering solutions that are open to the complex and individual types of collaboration: Open Collaboration Solutions (OCS).

All OCS are based on an identical software foundation that is designed for maximum flexibility and connectivity to your existing solutions.

The solutions are accessed via standard web browsers and mobile devices. A reduced set of self-explanatory control elements allows all participants to start seamlessly and focus entirely on their professional tasks.

And to ensure that you can work with as many partners as possible right from the start, our solutions offer no user limits or pricing models that depend on the number of users.



With this kind of software and the corresponding support from you, the use is more than just a profit. It brings us as a company several steps forward!


Once again I was impressed by the flexibility of the solution and the customer-oriented implementation you made.